How I finished 101 Games in 2020

If you are like me, you have a lot of games. And with those many games comes a massive backlog of incomplete games. Mine spans over 2000 games, and in 2020 I made it a mission to finish some of these.

My goal was to finish one game a week. It didn’t have to be on the backlog but it was preferred if it was. After keeping at this for all of 2020 I actually finished 101 games. So here are some tips and tricks I found when carrying out this task.

1. Planning out some games to play.

First, figure out what games you want to play through! Now I know this might sound kind of silly. A lot of people just come home, turn the game on and start playing it. Planning out seems a bit extra.

What I mean is that you should take a look at your entire game collection and pick out the games that you know you want to finish this year. Maybe they’re ones that you really want to get to or maybe they have been sitting in that backlog for a long time.

2. Using

Step two might be the most helpful tip of them all.  is a very useful tool with planning out what game to play next. The website can tell you how long a game is.

Of course, it’s not totally accurate because everyone has a different style of play. However, I would say it’s usually in the right ballpark.

I used this for just about every game I played and it was pretty accurate. In the end, I used the website to take the gameplay time into account for what to play next.

Playing on the Switch – Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

3. Chipping away at Long Games

Now a lot of times I would start a game one week and I would not finish it for weeks. These games can go on for 30, 40 maybe even 50 hours.

Of course, it’s completely unreasonable to start a game that long and finish it in that week. It’s just not gonna happen.

An effective method around this was chipping away at massive games for the next couple of weeks whilst playing shorter games in the meantime. I always had at least 4 or 5 games that I was currently playing through in the meantime. 

4. Playing Different Styles of Games

This one can contribute to preventing burnout. It definitely could burn me out but I have a method to prevent such a feeling. I would play completely different styles of games and to try to frequently change everything up as much as I could.

I would play an open-world game one week, a shooter the next week and maybe a driving game the following week.

I’m sure if you have a large library you probably have a lot of different genres in that library. Playing the same style of games back to back is not a great idea because it’s going to lead to a lot of games feeling the same.  

Gaming setup- Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

5. Have Fun!

My last tip is kind of an obvious one. Have fun. Playing games should never feel like a chore. They were a couple of weeks where I was really hard-pressed for time but I never felt like it was a chore or a job.

The biggest thing is if you’re not having fun, don’t try to rush. Take your time because every type of gamer is different. Some people jump between games each day. While others stick to a game for months. On the other hand, some people stick to the same online game for years. Everyone’s totally different.

Will I do this in 2021? Maybe. Either way, I hope that I’ve given some insight on getting through a big library of games and I would love to hear what some people have it here maybe some stories of methods they have so let us know! 

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