Among Us Debuts on Console!

One of the most popular games over the last year has been Among Us, gaining significant traction after many Twitch streamers and Youtubers began playing it. Despite the game’s massive popularity, it has only been available on mobile and PC platforms, until the 15th of December. Nintendo held one of its usual Indie showcases and to everyone’s surprise, Among Us showed up!

Among Us makes its console debut on the Nintendo Switch and is available to play now! It features everything from the PC and mobile version and retains the same cross play support that the other versions have. Priced at only $5, Among Us has quickly become a best seller on the E-shop.

Developed by Inner Sloth, Among Us actually came out in 2018, but was largely unknown until this summer when it absolutely exploded in popularity. Since then it has become one of the most consistently played games on Twitch, Steam and YouTube. It even won a number of awards this year at the Game Awards and has become one of gaming’s biggest success stories in 2020. And now it can be played on the Nintendo Switch via Online or local play!

Inner Sloth were actually considering pulling the plug on its servers and had less than 100 users at the start of the year. Recently a new Henry Stickmin themed map was added, based on their previous cult-hit game, for more info check out our previous article.

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