Space hole 2020: A Cracked Out Experience

DISCLAIMER: Space Hole 2020 was provided to us for free for the purpose of review.

Space Hole 2020 has to be one of the most surreal video games ever created. There has never been a game that has looked like this. Hopefully there is never another game that ever looks like this.

Describing Space Hole 2020 is incredibly different because it is more of an epileptic experience rather than a videogame. There is a videogame here yes, but its gameplay is incredibly basic and plays second fiddle to the aesthetics and overall presentation of the experience. The game does not really have a story. Your imagination dictates what is happening. The gameplay itself is incredibly shallow. It is akin to say Marble Blast Ultra or any 3D marble game released in the last twenty years. Where the player uses the WASD on the keyboard to move and can reset the ball with the R key. There is even a sort of reverse that goes back about five seconds to correct a mistake.


The main gameplay consists of the player trying to get the ball/ship through a series of obstacle courses that become increasingly more different as the game continues. The gameplay is not exactly innovative. It feels like something found in a flash game in all honesty. There is a “nonlinear design” to a few of the levels. This ultimately means you can play some of the levels out of order. The controls and physics are basic, and the game never truly becomes challenging.

So with the rather lacklustre gameplay in mind, what prevents this game from becoming a forgettable, generic, waste of time? The visuals, the aesthetic, and the atmosphere this game provides. There has never been a video game that goes this wild with its colours and visual effects. Each level provides a high amount of eye-bleeding colours and visual effects that it would make an LSD addict look twice.


The game employs a lot of colours associated with LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs but amplified to the eleventh degree. It is so high that seeing anything other than the clashing colours becomes difficult. Plus the obstacle courses often have colours that just completely blend in with the background. This combined means the game can become quite dizzying quickly. Often the backgrounds are quite surreal as well and are either as trippy as the visual effects or a static image that is just powerful in most cases. The visuals are the selling point of this game as they are again, beyond unique.

While it is very cool and looks incredible in many aspects it can also lead to the game being quite alienating in the grand scheme of things. As many players who see this game in motion may just turn it off entirely. It can lead to nausea and can easily disorient someone to an unreasonable degree. The game is disorientating, to say the least, and part of the gameplay is experiencing these trippy effects. The music presented in the game is equally as vibrant and weird with most tracks being loud and all over the place. With many of them sounding like they belong in a documentary than in a video game.


The game is not particularly long. It only takes around 45 minutes to finish but that works in the game’s favour as it ends before it can fully instil motion sickness. The price of the game is pretty cheap at $3/£2.09 and for what is being asked it is a fair price.

Space Hole 2020 does not do anything remarkable with its gameplay. However, it is ultimately unforgettable and saved by its insane presentation that provides something that nobody has seen before.  If this sounds remotely appealing to you and you don’t easily get motion sick then the game might be worth experiencing, just don’t play it for a long time at once.

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