Sam and Max Return This December!

In a surprising announcement coming from out of nowhere, Sam & Max Save the world remastered has been announced for the PC and Nintendo Switch. The game will release on December 2nd and is a remaster of Telltale Games first season of Sam & Max from 2006 and 2007.

It features enhanced visuals, animations, lighting and new music. The game is being developed by the newly formed Skunkape Games, established by former Telltale Games CEO Dan Conors. The studio acquired the rights to Sam & Max after Telltale Games closure in 2018 and has several employees from Telltale Games.

While most of the properties from Telltale Games and the name itself went to LCG Entertainment, Sam & Max was one of the few properties that did not. On Skunape’s FAQ page for the game, they state “No. Many of Telltale’s other games and the Telltale name itself were acquired by LCG Entertainment. That company isn’t involved with Sam & Max Save the World Remastered. (But they have helped us out with a few logistical issues, and we appreciate it!)”

The game will be available for Steam, GOG and Nintendo switch for $20 full price. If you own the original game on Steam or GOG you will receive a 50% discount through December 31st. 

This will be the first official Sam & Max video game in over ten years, with the previous game being: Sam & Max: The Devils Playhouse releasing back in 2010. In addition, a Sam & Max VR game was announced earlier this year by a different developer, but it has not received a release date yet.

There is no doubt that long time adventure game fans will be excited with this news and it is good to see positive news in regards to anything related to Telltale Games. Will you be picking up Sam & Max Save The World Remastered? And do you have any fond memories of Sam & Max? Let us know in the comments. 

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